Modular food forest course

Initiated by The Plant & Landgoed Welna

29th of March - 11th of October 2019

Food forestry is a promising one but also a completely new way to make nature, agriculture and forestry healthier, food / crop richer and more biodiverse. If you really want to know how to do it at all levels, this is the course for you. The modules are general, design and business plan.

The first module is most similar to the annual training of the past, on the understanding that we have completely removed the design and budget part. Design and business plan then really go into depth. Each module lasts five weeks. This allows you to stay a little more focused on the subject while still having time to process information and work on your plan or design at home. You can combine the modules as desired.

The course has several teachers. Wouter van Eck, Martijn Ballemans, Madelon Oostwoud, Marieke Karssen, Frank Gorter, Jan Degenaar or Maarten Schrama, Jan Hein van der Hoeven and myself. And takes place at inspiring estate and food forest locations.

Hosted by Marieke Karssen (The Plant) and Frank Gorter (Landgoed Welna).

Tickets and Information

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