Springtime Festival & Introduction to Permaculture with Tom & Zaia Kendall

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Hosted by Bloss Hickson at Huntly farm

25th-27th of September 2018

Music and feasting to celebrate in the Spring

Come celebrate & learn on the full moon of the Spring Equinox Introduction to Permaculture with Tom & Zaia Kendall.

Learn how to grow all your food this spring. We will be covering Permaculture design, food forests & companion planting; -getting those chickens working on your compost; -catching indigenous microorganisms and making compost teas with them; -looking through the microscope at your soil health (bring some samples): -bees, how to keep them happy and productive;  -bugs, the goodies and the baddies; -food, nutrition & human health

and MORE.

Camping facilities and kids activities. contact Bloss on 0749844683 or blosshickson@skymesh.com.au

Tickets and Information

Bloss, leader of the Huntly mob. Her goals are to create a healthy viable ecosystem on Huntly with an abundance of flora and fauna; become totally self-sufficient; evolve a like minded community; learn and share all her knowledge on soils, forests, permaculture, health and art. In believing that agriculture must be diverse and incorporate our natural systems as much as possible to survive the climate and keep the ecosystems, soils and ourselves healthy.  I have had the privilege to work and learn at Huntly. Doing my first Australian out-back assessment. Designing present and future system elements and now a proud member of the team.

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