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Back to our roots

Site analysis-driven regenerative and ecological restoration planning and design services.


​I am a Co-Founder of United designers and a proud ambassador to the Ecosystem Restoration Camps, affiliated with The Plant, PRI-certified, providing both consultation, design and assessment services.

My combined interests in aesthetics, form and health, coupled with concern over

the stresses of our natural environment led me to Permaculture. Entering the world of Regenerative Practices felt like coming home. The next step, Ecosystem Design, now allows me to bring my skills to a larger ecological canvas: from (homestead) gardens (residential), parks (urban greenery), to food forests, with nature-based solutions;

The functions of such systems can vary. The most important functions are building soil, food supply, clean water, increase biodiversity, creating a protective and beautiful environment, producing building materials and breaking down certain waste materials. They can also offer protection against extreme weather conditions in our changing climate. You literally design the nature around you and restore neglected and often desertified ecosystems to recover with the knowledge from nature.


I am committed to moving regenerative solutions forward. And the solutions are there, it’s simply a matter of showing what is possible. Working with you towards a resilient and abundant future.

Weruschca Kirkegaard
- Humming barefoot

We are called to assist the earth.

To heal her wounds.

And in that process, heal our own.

- Wangari Maathai

Múla (मूल), in Buddhism, has several meanings. But two literal meanings are; "Origin". The origin of all things, and "Root". The fundamental conditions in the mind that determine the moral quality. The "root" of all creations. Both, in my opinion, quintessential for successful regenerative practices. I truly believe that going back to the origin of things can solve many of our current challenges.

Hence Múla.


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